Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Improve your business in a down market

I often wonder what agents do when they have no business? I hear them talk about going on appointments all the time. Too often when they use this form of "real estate speak" they're actually talking about a tanning appointment or the like.

Just because you don't have a current client or customer doesn't mean that you put everything on hold until one comes along.

This is a great time to build on your future business. Whether it's bringing your data base up to speed, or putting together next year's business plan, you can always be working on your business.

I tell my agents to try and preview as many new listings in their market area as possible when they have the spare time.

Imagine how valuable this mental inventory is when you suddenly get the opportunity to talk to someone that's a real buyer. Instead of using the old stand-by of "Let me get back to you with a list of homes", you can talk about the newest listings with that prospect right then and there.

If this buyer has talked with other agents, they most certainly will pick up on the fact that they are now in the hands of a real professional. Give it a try.

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