Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Overcoming For Sale By Owners

Back in "the day" working For Sale By Owners (FSBO) was definitely a rush. I had a total sense of accomplishment when I got a listing signed by an owner that knew just about as much as most agents did with regards to marketing, and didn't want to pay a commission.

Can you imagine the satisfaction of getting someone to work with you that was hell-bent on doing it themselves?

I could blog all week about the different ways to overcome the FSBO's objections, but the gem of a line that was virtually impossible for the owner to overcome was so simple, it was almost bazaar.

When an owner asked me what I could do to sell their home that they couldn't, I simply told them "I can brag about your house." Then with a demonstrative wave of the hand, I would say things like (sic) "Don't you agree that the condition of this home is second to none..."

Of course you would want to pick out something about the property that the owners were obviously very proud of in your statement of fact, then simply conclude by telling them that they can only show the house..... you can brag about it.

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Marguerite said...

Good idea, Larry. Looking forward to reading more!